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Eagle Scout Projects

Eagle Scout Projects

Thank you Eagle Scout Jason Osborne II, for allowing us at Park Tables the opportunity to assist in the realization of your Eagle Scout Project. Not only did you fulfill your promise of two ADA picnic tables for the Welin Community Center, but you also went above and beyond to install recycling bins to protect the local wildlife. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and we wish you all the best in your upcoming endeavors as a future leader in our great country. Job well done!

Park Tables has proudly supplied long-lasting outdoor furniture to many prodigious young people like Mr. Osborne in their leadership effects. We are eager to do whatever we can to help the great causes these Eagle Scout projects represent. 


What are Eagle Scout Projects?

For a Scout to be considered for an Eagle Scout ranking, he or she must demonstrate leadership by completing a task that benefits the community. Considerable community recipients may include churches, schools, parks, and nature preserves, among other approved entities. The project is a means for the Scout to resolve present problems by using their resources, talents, and insight to get the job done. Eagle Scout Projects often require significant orchestration between planning, funding, and execution. Furthermore, it is encouraged that the candidate selects an assignment they are passionate about, as it will motivate the project’s progression. 

For more complete details please consult the official  Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.

What to Consider when Preparing an Eagle Scout Project?

When brainstorming, there are some considerations to keep in mind while planning the proposal.

  1. Safety - Safety is always the first and top priority. Tasks, equipment, and location sites must be safe for all parties involved for the project to be successful.

  1. Capable - The Eagle Scout Project is a test of leadership, so the candidate will recruit volunteers to direct during the assignment. These volunteers consist of 2 or more helpers who are recommended to be among the Scouts peer group or younger. Often the help will be Scouts themselves. For this reason, the task must be within the capability of minors to carry out. Adults can assist, but the majority of the projects must be completed by the leader and his or her youth crew. 

  1. Availability & Feasibility - Every Scout has ambition and will strive to do as much good as possible for their community. However, it is very important to keep the project within an achievable objective. By expanding the project too large, the entire plan may fall apart before it has a chance to leave the ground. Timing and budget are major factors that often hold a candidate back from achieving their goals. Having different stages of what they want to accomplish is a good pre-planning strategy. This way if not enough funding is generated, the project can still be executed to some degree. 

For example, say the idea is to revamp a local park to be more ADA-friendly for more children to enjoy. It may be planned to add new ground surfacing, playground set, swings, water fountains, and wheelchair-accessible picnic tables. The playground set alone is a huge expense and labor intensive. Not to say this cannot be done but as mentioned prior, minors will be putting forth most of the effort so this task may not be as practical. If the budget falls short for the playground equipment, the Scout’s project will not be a loss as he or she can still use the funds to get as much done as possible. Even if everything on the list is not fulfilled, they can still potentially assemble the picnic tables, include ground surfacing, and even install an ADA swing if the budget allows. Anything that can be done will make a huge difference and be appreciated by the community accepting the project.

Potential Good Eagle Scout Project

There is a wide range of projects to consider and each differs in size and complexity. It could be as simple as setting up a park bench for a complete playground area. Talk to your chosen community recipients to see if they need anything or make a suggestion of what you feel may make a difference. Some examples for outdoor projects may include adding or repairing benches, picnic tables, shades, bike racks, and waste management. These amenities hold the longevity and are always welcomed by site visitors. 

Again talk to your community for guidance. Don’t have one establishment? Consider contacting your local organizations, parks, nature conservations, or city hall to come up with some ideas. 


How can Park Tables Help with an Eagle Scout Project?

If your project includes replacing or adding outdoor site amenities, then Park Tables is here to aid you with commercial furnishing that will last. Additionally, we will help you with pricing on a written quote as well! Give us a call, tell us you have an Eagle Project and what your plans are. We will work with you every step of the way to see your ideas come to fruition! 


Potential Fundraiser for Eagle Scout Project

We will get you as far as we can with the cost, but it's up to you to come up with a solution for the rest. It may be difficult to generate funds, but there are avenues available to check into. Options may include opening up a GoFundMe page, a Facebook campaign, a local fundraiser, honing in on talent, or constructing a craft. Your chosen community may help out as well, so don’t forget to ask. Answers come to those who are brave enough to ask the questions.

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