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Different Commercial Trash Receptacles Lids and their Uses

Different Commercial Trash Receptacles Lids and their Uses

When you're in charge of deciding which kind of commercial trash can lid is best for your business location, you're likely keeping in mind aesthetic features such as size, color, the overall shape and how well the receptacle will blend into its environment. These are important things to think about, but it's also critical to ensure that the industrial garbage can lid you're selecting can hold up to the rigorous demands of daily use.

The Lid You Choose Can Guide How People Use the Trash Can

Different Commercial Trash Receptacles

All commercial trash receptacles ostensibly serve the same function: To collect garbage. However, different patterns of the foot and vehicle traffic should be considered when choosing a lid.

If the garbage can is for outdoor use, its lid must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as gusty winds, snow, and ice or constant, penetrating sunlight. Lids that are too complicated to use or that look dirty are unappealing and discourage individuals from using them at all, which can increase littering habits. That's why it's so important to select the right type of lid to guide the public into using the trash receptacle the way you want them to use it.

Commercial Trash Can Lids: Different Interpretations of the Same Eleven Designs

Flat Trash Can Lid

A flat style trash can lid is great in busy entrance areas with a lot of high-speed foot traffic, especially where small pieces of garbage, such as cups, water bottles or napkins need to be quickly tossed as one is walking through a doorway. Since the deposit hole doesn't have a covering to protect the contents from the elements, flat lids are perfect for covered areas such as concert halls, auditoriums, and sports arenas. Flat-style trash can lids also handle excessive garbage overflow, because there's usually an area on top where garbage can be placed if there's no more space inside the container itself.


Pitch-In Trash Can Lid

Pitch-In trash can lids are similar to flat lids, but they're not as effective at controlling trash overflow because the slanted sides don't permit excess garbage to be rested on the top. An advantage of pitch-in and flat lids is that they reduce the spread of germs since there are no doors to push and nothing to touch. The enclosed style helps control unpleasant odors in an indoor setting. These lid types are most appropriate in spaces that have frequent janitorial supervision.


4-Way Trash Can Lid

A 4-Way Open Flat lid allows trash to be disposed of from different directions and accommodates large trash items such as pizza boxes that won't fit in the smaller openings of flat and pitch-in style lids. The flat, covered top supports trash overflow while preventing rain from entering and animals from jumping in the receptacle. Highly weather-resistant, 4-way open flat lids work well in parks, schoolyards, and other outdoor recreational areas.


Dome Trash Can Lid

A dome top trash can lid is ideal for external use because it's resilient to strong weather conditions such as rain and heavy winds. The rounded shape helps prevents ice and snow from accumulating on top and dissuades users from stacking garbage. They open on one side and feature spring-loaded doors that snap closed after garbage is deposited. The doors also prevent squirrels, rats, and other animals from getting inside.


Swing Trash Can Lid

Swing style lids are similar to domes, but they don't have spring-loaded doors, and the sloped swing design doesn't allow garbage to accumulate on top. They're versatile and have two-sided deposit access for easier control of litter in crowded areas.



Hooded Trash Can Lid

A hooded cover combines the convenience of a flat lid with the rain protection and aesthetics of a round dome lid. The hooded design allows for quick garbage disposal on two sides, and there are no doors to push, so it can be more hygienic than some other options. Garbage can't be placed on top, so it's not the best choice for locations where overflow is expected, but it does have a sleek style that's easy to keep clean.


Rain Bonnet Trash Can Lid

Rain Bonnet lids are decorative covers that are also easy to maintain. They provide 360-degree user access, and the smaller opening at the top restricts the disposal of large items and keeps garbage dry from precipitation. Rain bonnet lids are ideal for outdoor areas, such as parks and nature trails. In metropolitan settings, a rain bonnet lid acts as a deterrent to homeless people and other individuals who are foraging for food or recyclable cans and bottles.


Ash Trash Can Top

Ashtray lids help decrease the number of cigarette butts discarded on the street. They're made of non-flammable materials, such as metal or cement, and they discourage smokers from mindlessly tossing their cigarette butts inside a trash can, which can cause fires and explosions.



Recycled Trash Can Lid

 Recycling lids feature universally recognized recycling symbols, so the receptacle will look different than a standard trash can. Two or three separate sections are contained in the same repository, and garbage is placed in the appropriate division according to its material. These commercial-grade lids for garbage cans require separate liners inside the container itself to keep the different trash contents organized. Recycling lids work well in libraries, offices, and universities or anywhere eco-conscious individuals tend to congregate.


Drive Thru Trash Can Lid

Drive-thru lids are placed on commercial restaurant trash cans and have two specific functions. First, their elongated chutes make it easier for the user to quickly toss garbage into the can from the comfort and convenience of their vehicle. Second, chute-style trash can lids are great for outdoor use in restaurant drive-thru areas and highway rest stops and are completely covered to protect rainwater from seeping inside.


Tray Trash Can Lid

Tray holders are practical restaurant trash can lids for outdoor eating establishments because dirty trays can be stacked on top, encouraging people to clean up after themselves and promoting quick turnover at tables. Tray holder lids also help to keep eating areas free of clutter and garbage.


Making decisions about trash can lids might not be the most exciting task on your to-do list, but proper planning and organization ensure you'll make a positive first impression on your visitors while encouraging trash disposal in your community's public areas and workspaces. Contact the experts at Park Tables for advice on what trash receptacle will work for your location. Also, request a quote for discounted pricing on all your outdoor furnishings.