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Design an Inviting Space Using Commercial Outdoor Planters

Design an Inviting Space Using Commercial Outdoor Planters

If you want to create a lasting impression, consider incorporating commercial plant containers within your outdoor space. These low-maintenance structures yield high returns on your investment as they bring both beauty and functionality to everything from outdoor dining areas and conversation spaces to amusement parks and high-traffic walkways. Unlike other hardscaping products like fencing, curbing, and benches, planters infuse botanical elements which help purify the air and invigorate the senses.It’s been proven that green spaces and outdoor settings with natural accents lift one’s spirits and improve overall well-being. A Texas A&M University study in the Journal of Environmental Horticulture revealed that people who are exposed to greenery and nature experience reduced stress and depression, stronger memory retention, improved concentration and a greater quality of life. In addition to these health benefits, commercial planters help turn an otherwise bland, manmade setting into a more eco-friendly environment by incorporating flora, color, and dimension. 

If you’re looking to add a more attractive and inviting element to your outdoor space, here are three ways commercial planters can make that happen:

1. Highlight the front of your business
Welcome guests into your business, park or establishment with ornamental trees and plants placed in complementary planters at the entrance. Place a planter on each side of the doorway to highlight your entrance and provide a symmetrical look. An ideal option is this 30-inch Tall Commercial Concrete Planter by Wausau Tile that comes in 30- and 48-inch square sizes and can be filled with a mix of flowering plants. This planter features a flared base and straight lines to convey a modern, professional feel. Made of reinforced concrete, this sturdy container comes in more than 20 color options to match your building exterior or surroundings and includes a convenient 2-inch drain hole for easy plant watering. 

Alternatively, our Commercial Round Concrete Planter offers a softer, spherical style. This 18-inch high by 60-inch wide container is great for showcasing an assortment of flowers and plants in front of a school, shopping center or business. Colorful perennials like peonies, tickseed and catmint are sure to draw attention while hosta plants and peace lilies create a more understated look. Use multiple planters to form an appealing path that directs people to your entrance. Designed for outdoor environments, the precast concrete in this round planter is reinforced with steel rebar and weighs 900 pounds. It, too, comes in a variety of colors to complement your existing color scheme.

Whether you want to create a look of grandeur or add more subtle accents to your business front, our wide selection of concrete planters will help you achieve your desired result. 

2. Create dividers between spaces
Metal gates, large dividers and walls can be obtrusive and uninviting. Instead, try adding rectangular wall planters with plants and shrubs to separate sections and create private spaces. Our 64-inch long by 32-inch high Commercial Rectangular Concrete Planter makes an ideal divider for private patio dining, a conversation area or any place you want to add more stylistic partitions. Plant tall ornamental grasses in this 19-cubic foot container to add more coverage and privacy. This extremely heavy concrete planter is vandal-resistant and features a reservoir system to keep plants healthy.

Another way to provide natural privacy is with our Boomerang Concrete and Wood Planter that offers unique bench seating on both ends. This planter and bench combo is a perfect hardscaping product for universities and school campuses, giving students a place to sit and study while enjoying natural space between them. Made of reinforced concrete and wood slats, this boomerang-shaped planter has a 49-gallon planter capacity and comes with a 2-inch center drainage hole, two bottom lifting strap slots for easy lifting, and four threaded inserts for anchoring.

3. Line pathways and direct traffic flow
If your property has a lot of pedestrian traffic, like a sporting arena or amusement park, use a series of commercial planters to establish designated walking areas and keep them safe from car traffic. An alternative to bollards, large outdoor planters protect pedestrians and add botanical flair. A portable container option is this 3-foot Plastic Cube Container by Kolor Can. Made from commercial-grade molded plastic, this planter won’t crack, chip, warp, or rust. Weighing only 75 pounds, you can add miniature trees, shrubs or other small-to-medium sized plants and still move the containers when you need to adjust or redirect a pathway. Our commercial plastic planter containers offer the same great features and styles as our concrete planters, with the added advantage of easier portability.

For a more permanent structure, there’s our 30-inch Round Tapered Vase Concrete Planter that stands 42 inches high and weighs 800 pounds. This container can be anchored to the ground with threaded inserts for added reinforcement. On school campuses, larger concrete planters are a terrific way to further safeguard students while creating an inviting atmosphere. 

If you’re searching for hardscaping that will redefine your outdoor space, draw attention to an area, or simply infuse nature into your commercial property, concrete and plastic outdoor planters are an excellent choice. At Park Tables, we carry them all – large and small – in a variety of designs, shapes and colors to fit your surroundings and style. All our outdoor planters are proudly made in the USA and are backed by quality workmanship and commercial warranties. Check out our large selection of commercial plant containers and let one of our associates help you create an ideal design that will appeal to all your visitors and guests.

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